Food Trucks

Contributor(s): Marina Myllymaki

Food Trucks have become a rising factor in food distribution. They are a mobile restaurant that allows the owners to drive them to various venues; from downtown streets to music festivals, these restaurants on wheels make for quick and tasty meal. The owners of these trucks each tell a different story of their business and their favourite moments.

Natalie putting together a farm fresh spread of food. Photo provided by: Eats Amore.

Natalie and Mikey, the owners of Eats Amore, started their food truck on 8 August 2013. They wanted to work together and there was a perfect opportunity to do so here in Kamloops. Natalie’s parents are certified organic farmers. Their goal was to make food that came from the family farm and to bring local food to the public. Mikey believes this to be a very important feature to life in Kamloops.

Mikey’s favourite part about running the food truck is the community engagement. He and Natalie are able to meet all sorts of people through their business. The food truck has brought them to different parts of the Kamloops and surrounding area, and so to all sorts of venues and events they probably otherwise would not go to. There have been challenges along the way, because the industry is so new. However, they love what they are doing and the experiences they get to enjoy through the truck.

Pictures of the Eats Amore Truck and their food. Photos provided by: Eats Amore

In this clip Arlene and Doug Christianson tell two counts of customers coming to their food truck A & D Dogs Etc. Recorded by Marina Myllymaki

This pcitures of the A & D  Dogs food truck. Photos provided by Arlene and Doug Christianson

Jeff, the owner of 911 Catering, tells the story of why he and his wife decided to go into the food truck business. Recorded by Marina Myllymaki 

The food of 911 Catering. Photos by Jeff Gilroy.