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FoodLoops: Kamloops Welcome! FoodLoops is a cultural deep mapping project by students in Communications 3700 at TRU. Using the Kamloops Food and Urban Agriculture Plan as a base, students over … Read More

ICS: Mount Paul Food Centre

Snapshot of Programming The Mount Paul Community Food Centre offers programs based on food access, food skills, and education.  We aim to create healthy changes in … Read More

Sunset Valley Farm

Sunset Valley Farm is a place where people can truly feel like a family. Their main mission is to create an authentic experience, and for customers … Read More

Tranquille Padova

Tranquilla Padova is an area of fertile, valley land located 3km west of the Kamloops Airport. The land is bordered by the Tranquille River, the South … Read More

Food Bank

Kamloops Food Bank The Kamloops Food Bank plays a key role in the food security efforts of Kamloops and surrounding areas. It is located on the … Read More

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