Farmer’s Market Coupons and Donations

Contributor(s): Joey Tasker, Caitlin Quist, Aaron Mcdowell, Katie Brooks, Clara Morales Llobet, Tristan Muhr

Kamloops Regional Farmers’ Market

The Kamloops Regional Farmers’ Market sponsors two Food Assistance initiatives.

First, it coordinates with Interior Community Services to provide Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupons. As a project of the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets, the Coupons assists seniors and lower-income families as they access the Farmers’ Market by subsidizing products purchased at participating vendors.

Photo by: Caitlin Quist

Second, many Farmers’ Market vendors actively contribute to various food programs across Kamloops. Unsold or surplus products are often donated to community kitchens, shelters and the Kamloops Food Bank. Agricultural vendors like Thistle Farms, Heffley Farms, Golden Ears Farm, SilverSpring Organics, and many others participate in this initiative. They can be reached at most Farmers’ Market sessions.

Photos by: Aaron Mcdowell

These programs expand access to safe, healthy, and locally-sourced food to a broader range of social groups. Marginalized, alienated, and lower-income persons, who might otherwise be unable to do so, are encouraged to use the Market’s resources, which includes them in local food production and community. As well, it demonstrates that charitable food programs can incorporate these fresh local products into their operations, rather than relying unhealthy or unsustainable options.

Accessing the Resources

To participate in the Coupon Program, you must apply between January and March of the current year. If within this time period, you can apply by filling out the application form, offered here. Then, contact the Kamloops Farmer’s Market at to further arrange the application.

Space is limited, but a waitlist option is available.

Furthermore, if you use any of the food assistance programs in Kamloops, chances are you are eating Farmer’s Market donations!

An interview with Greg Unger, the manager of the Farmers Market. Video produced by: Joey Tasker, Caitlin Quist, Aaron Mcdowell, Katie Brooks, Clara Morales Llobet, and Tristan Muhr.