Kamloops P.I.T. Stop

Contributor(s): Joey Tasker, Caitlin Quist, Aaron Mcdowell, Katie Brooks, Clara Morales Llobet, Tristan Muhr

People In Transition

The Kamloops P.I.T. Stop (People In Transition) is an organization dedicated to addressing the community-related issues associated with poverty through nourishment and outreach. Operating out of the Kamloops United Church, it provides a regular, nutritious meal program, offering a year-round Sunday dinner schedule free of charge to over 100 people each week. In 2017, it served 8,550 dinners to a diverse range of people, including youth, seniors, adults, and families. An annual Christmas dinner is also offered, which acts as a vital community space for marginalized persons during the holiday season.

The kitchen used by PIT Stop, along with the supplies they use. Photos by: Katie Brooks

Images retrieved from: PIT Stop’s Facebook page

Accessing the Resources

To use the Kamloops P.I.T. Stop resources, all you have to do is attend their weekly dinners, offered every Sunday at the Kamloops United Church. For more details and directions, please visit their site here.

Getting Involved

The P.I.T. Stop is run entirely through volunteer efforts and relies on support from local business, government programs, and individual citizens. Strong and long-standing community partnerships ensure that food and financial donations assist the program in its efforts to encourage food assistance and services to the Kamloops area.

If you want to get involved or have any questions as to how you might do so, contact them at pitstop@kamloopsunited.ca.

If you’d like to donate to support the initiative, you can do so here, through the Kamloops United Church.

An interview with Rick Windjack, PIT Stop coordinator. Video produced by: Joey Tasker, Caitlin Quist, Aaron Mcdowell, Katie Brooks, Clara Morales Llobet, and Tristan Muhr.