Frenchies Poutinerie

Contributor(s): Joey Tasker, Caitlin Quist, Aaron Mcdowell, Katie Brooks, Clara Morales Llobet, Tristan Muhr

Frenchies Poutinerie is a locally owned and operated business. Eli Hannah’s shop located in the food court at 104-340 Victoria St. At Frenchies, they believe in paying it forward, and to do this they created a special pay-it-forward board. The board allows customers to purchase any meal they want for someone else, which is then posted on the board.

Photos by: Katie Brooks

Anyone who is hungry can then come into the restaurant, see what is available and order it with no questions asked. Through this method, Frenchies usually gives out around 4 meals total a day, with 1 or 2 paid by customers and 3 from Frenchies themselves, to those who need it, and since January they have fed over 85 people. Even if the board is empty, they will still make free meals, and won’t turn anyone that needs it down. In addition to the pay-it-forward board, Frenchies collects warm clothing donations for the winter for those in need.